Dedicated to servicing higher education institutions, Swizly is a seamless solution, that acts as single touch point to attract new students, and increase your institution’s student enrollment.


  • Social Hub: a unique social home aggregating the content from your multiple social accounts into one single page providing a seamless virtual campus experience to current and prospective students alike.
  • Student Engaging Engine (SEE): Based on keyword search, behavior, geolocation or demographics, universities can target the right audience with the right content. SEE grants you optimized engagement with prospective students.
  • Mobile Engagement Guide ( MEG): the MEG is a mobile web application specifically designed for mobile centric lead nurturing. Coupled with the SEE, MEG grants you higher engagement with an always-on-the-go generation.
  • ABM Collector: by gathering the information collected through the MEG and sending it to your institution’s preferred ABM software, the ABM Collector moves prospective students through the recruitment funnel and increases the prospective students’ retention rate.


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Date published

September 5, 2018