How important is it to find the right words?

Understand what your audience wants to find, search like they would!

What is the perfect SEO strategy without a keen understanding of what your audience actually needs? And what is good targeting without knowing the right words for your audience to find you? In this blog, we will take you through the full keyword research process, its importance and its fascinating results – when done right.

The formula is easy: you get the right words on screen (on your website, in your links and in your content) you get more visibility on search engines, hence more traffic to the destinations you want your audience to go to.

As we all know, search engines are the first go-to for any person surfing the web to find anything they need, therefore you should be able to grab attention right from the start with the right words!

First off, what is Keyword Research?

It is the bread and butter of digital marketing, the network that enables you to find the words your audience is searching for, leading them directly to you. The process comes in four phases:

1- Identify potential keywords: What would you search for if you’re looking for your product, service or brand?
2- Verify the keywords: Are they used and verified words?
3- Narrow down the keywords: Prioritize and shorten that list!
4- Incorporate keywords in the content: Set up certain terms and phrases for the blog posts, videos, and landing pages of your website.

After following the above steps, you will find yourself with a concise list of wording essentials!

Why is it important? To get the ultimate ranking on search engines and a super effective SEO process, you need to invest in the preparation phase. Keyword research enables you to understand the competitive landscape, know what’s popular in searches and what words are the most used to drive the right audience to your website. Hence, your content marketing strategy would be directed properly to boost visibility, reach, traffic and rankings.

Keyword research is crucial for SEO, it supports your strategy and plays a major role in reaching customers and generating more leads. It then goes on to save a spot for you on search engine results pages, improving the ranking of your content.

Now that we have everything aligned and in place, take a look below at some tips to ace that keyword research and get results!

Start Local

Search for the words that include your location, then broaden the research to nearby regions and locations, this way you will be micro-targeting your closest prospects.

Learn the search engine’s “suggested” phrases

Start typing a word in the search bar and check what words the search engine suggests for you. The drop down list will contain synonyms, similar phrases and other wording options that will help in narrowing your search.

Look into trends on social media
Understand what’s buzzing, the trendings words and hashtags and find out what online users are talking about.

Study the competition
Get an insight on how other businesses are working on digital and find the key differentiators for your business. This way, you will be able to highlight your USPs in keywords and phrases that separate you from competitors.

Now that you know how important keywords and the research around them are for your business’s SEO strategy and how they help in driving traffic to your content pieces, drop us a message here and we will help you find the right words.