Social Media Trends You Need to Keep an Eye on in 2022

Get on board these booming trends to slay on social 

Emerging social media trends give you the chance to change up and  improve your content strategy. So why not grab the opportunity to experiment and connect with your audience in different ways to keep them engaged 

Let’s take a look at 8 trends to move forward with. Ready? 


  • Social Media Posts as a Form of Currency

A new payment method is on the rise, and yes – it is strictly social media based, basically a social currency. How does it work? For example, a burger place publishes a post on social media asking for users to share it on their own accounts, by doing so, the users are rewarded with a discount or a freebie as a post-to-pay technique.

This trend is a win-win, providing the business with cost-free brand awareness, tons of user-generated content and the customer would get something in return!


  • Augmented Reality Buzz

Augmented Reality, or AR, is being heavily used and implemented in several practices, and it seems like it’s not fading away any time soon. With the Metaverse hype, AR is on a continuous rise. Customers are more likely to prefer AR as the best way to try-on products, visit a virtual pop-up store and interact with brands. 

On social media, especially on Instagram, AR is being integrated into engaging filters and entertaining games. Take a look at the special Christmas game AddBloom created for POMI, where users use their face to move santa around and collect points.


  • Maturing Influencer Marketing 

Just like AR, influencer marketing is growing year on year.  Brands tend to use influencer marketing to expand their audience, generate new leads, and earn more revenue. By building strong relationships and partnerships with micro and macro influencers, brands will be able to continue building awareness, build brand credibility and trust hence driving user acquisition.


  • Short-form Vertical Video

Short is Gold. All the videos you see on TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts have one thing in common:  quick snack bite content that is engaging, lively and delivers an effective impactful message.  So turn your phone from landscape to portrait, and start creating content.


  • Social Commerce

The easy, fast and efficient way to purchase products immediately, on the spot, without leaving your favorite page. This branch of e-commerce revolves strictly around social media – users would discover the product, purchase with just one click, and get the post-purchase support needed. So if you’ve got products to sell, make sure to set up Instagram Shopping if you’re in an eligible market.


  • MEMES!

The trendiest form of entertaining content! Including memes in your content strategy helps in driving engagement and building communities. Brands can even build partnerships with famous meme pages to be featured and become visible to their follower base as well.


  • Personalization 

Generalized content doesn’t have the same impact anymore, brands should focus on providing users with a personalized experience based on their  interests . So don’t hesitate to address specific personas and most importantly leverage user generated content.


  • Paid Ads or organic posts?

With paid ads cemented as a must, moving towards ads that should be tailored to the users in a way that makes them indistinguishable from organic posts is now a MUST MUST. For ads to stand out they should fit organically on social media networks.


Your audience is always looking for snackable content, content that sticks and is distinctly engaging. Keeping up with emerging trends may be overwhelming, we know, but definitely worth it.  Drop us a message here to help you navigate your content strategy while you focus on your core business.