Wissam Kamal x #PeopleWhoAddBloom

Wissam Kamal visited our offices to answer some of our questions. There were interesting insights on his career as a stand-up comedian, a few jokes and a few interruptions. We talked about his favorite stand-up comedian, the cities he would like to perform in and the causes he is interested in.

Watch the video to know more about this Lebanese stand-up comedian.

Q: Instagram or Facebook?

A: Instagram

Q: Your go-to website is _______

A: Youtube

Q: 3 Things or thoughts that keep you motivated

A: Low / Self / Esteem

Q: The Secret of You is …

A: Determination

Q: The last time you made someone happy was when ….

A: I did last live show

Q: You want to have dinner with …

A: Chaplin

Q: Your Biggest Success is …

A: The fact that I’m still doing the things that I love with everything that is happening

Q: The one thing you would do differently is…

A: Procrastination

Q: Social Media Changed The World By ….

A: Having 20 Mln people like a picture of an egg #Stupid

Q: In the next 5 Years you are looking forward to…

A: Tour

Q: How Do You *AddBloom?

A: Check answer to question no. 4

In the past years, Wissam has learned sign language in order to reach a wider audience through his shows.